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Ted - The Story So FarÖ

I have struggled with my weight for 40 years. Around my 40th birthday (last September 2004), myself and my partner was advised by a specialist in a fertility clinic we were attending to go on the "Atkins Diet". This we did in a sort of way, Iíve never read a book of Dr Atkins to this day but Iíve spent many a sleepless night doing research online.

Iíve been through the Jenny Craig system in the past and gained weight. And Iíve argued with dieticians that I was "not" breaking the low fat diets etc they placed me on.

After 6 months on a low-carb and not worrying about the fat content in my diet my cholesterol is down to 4.4 and 3 month blood sugar levels are down to 4.1. My kidney function tests and all came back with a huge ďthumbs upĒ. This is also accompanied with a weight loss of 52kg. I could not be as strict as I wanted to be over Christmas through to March as I was traveling a lot and studying at same time.

Am back following my low carb plan now, and will hopefully get my metabolism back into gear. At least at the moment I donít have to take medication for my diabetes anymore, I donít have to worry about my high cholesterol levels anymore and donít have to worry about the fat in my diet anymore.

Oh, and by the way, my partner and I ended up not needing help from the fertility clinic. In the end I did some research on male-related fertility and asked the Doctor about certain research that has been done in the states. The exact medication used there is not available in Australia, but a similar product is called Tamoxifen. Yes, a breast cancer drug has helped my manly functions improve. My partners weight is now under 100kg, Iíve lost large amount myself (heaps to go) and she is now currently 30 weeks pregnant! ďBryce Flynn Need2loseitNowĒ will be with us soon. I put this down to both the weight loss due to low-carbing and the medication I am still taking to this day as a trial.

Well thatís my yarn about benefits of a low carb lifestyle and Iím glad itís helped so many others - hopefully I can achieve my final goal of losing another 80kg by December 2006.

ďTed Need2LoseitNowĒ