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Vanessas Weightloss

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When I stepped on the scale and it read more than 101kgs I knew I had let things go too far. My husband had been trying to make gentle hints that my weight had sky rocketed and he even went as far as to talk to my parents as to how best he should approach me about it. My very helpful father told him “Good luck mate!”

I had struggled with my weight since I had hit puberty. Mostly I had been able to keep it under control but over the last 10 years I had let it slide. At 32, I was fat, tired and completely overwhelmed.

So with the evidence of the red numbers on the digital scales staring back at me I knew it was time to do something about it. I looked up all my options online and then got the old treadmill out. (I was too embarrassed to go out in public). I started to diet and walk on the treadmill. It was August 2006. I lost 7kgs this way but knew I needed more help because I couldn’t keep it up. So in October 2006 I joined my local women’s gym, Curves, and they gave me a member’s guide. In it was a low carb diet. I kept to their diet and found the weight coming off consistently and I was feeling much more confident that I could actually do this! I hit a plateau at 85.5kgs so I decided to try adding a protein shake into my diet till I got down to my goal weight and then go back to a low carb lifestyle. I changed gyms to a regular styled one and started running, I was amazed at how much my fitness had improved.

I recently made it to my goal weight of 65kgs and am now maintaining my weight. I know that the low carb lifestyle is for me and is the healthy way for my body. I love the empower products, they help me to lead a low carb lifestyle without feeling deprived. I still enjoy a lot of the foods I always loved without the carbs that made me fat to start with. I enjoy exercising and playing with the kids, which I could never do before.