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Inspiration Avenue is a place where you can read moving stories written by everyday Australians who have travelled the road many of us are now on.

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Kimberly - an amazing transformation!

As a teenager I was always the thin one... I always got the "Itís not fair how you can eat anything and not put any weight on?" I even remember saying one time... "I don't know why I canít put weight on!?"

As I grew older and I had my daughter, life got in the way. I guess I got lazy not putting as much time into myself and you could say, and I stacked it on!!! HEAVILY!

Going from a 50 kilo teen too a 85-90 kilo adult was a HUGE blow on my self esteem, I lasted 5 years jumping between 85 -90 Kilos and only a short 5'4.

I tried many diets, just about everything on the market. Nothing worked for me... AT ALL, and if it did, it was short lived!

Never did I think I would ever be one of those women you see on the TV who have found their success and are now an ambassador for there chosen product, but here I am.....

I've lost 10 kilos in 2 months.... 10 KILOS! I canít even begin to tell you the change in myself my self esteem, my figure, my mentality and the general wellbeing of myself.

Itís great to know that I'm no longer one of the women who have to shop in the "big girl" shops... I'm too "SMALL" in size to shop in there anymore!!!

My daughter has never seen her mother at a healthy weight and has only ever had my bad eating habits to follow. And my willpower to change that will probably prevent her from following in my footsteps.

My journey is still continuing but if there's one thing I can say is that Empower has helped me immensely and given back some of those "forbidden" foods! I wouldn't have been able to get this far without it! My favorite products are the Empower Wraps and of course the low carb chocolate... Two things I now prefer over normal supermarket products!

My life will NEVER be the same... I wonít allow myself to get that heavy again and I fully intend on making my low carb journey a way of life... FOR LIFE!