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John - An Inspiring Transformation!

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Obese 160 kilograms, ugly, uncomfortable, unwell, and lethargic, that was me way back in January 2003.

Today I'm no longer obese. 88 kilograms, looking normal, feeling fit and full of vim and vigour. I owe my transformation to going low - carb the 'ATKINS' way.

Reducing my weight by 72 kilos and never ever feeling hungry or deprived of anything has made this a successful dream run for me over the past couple of years.

I have never viewed the change in my diet as a fad, I have simply eliminated sugar and most carbohydrates and their poisonous effects from my way of life. I haven't paid a single dollar over the top of buying and eating whole, natural and fresh foods. I have been fortunate enough to have found some very healthy and accompanying low-carb food products like the Empower range of products. I like what I have done for myself and my loved ones and I actually like myself once again. Looking at ones self in a mirror is no longer horrifying or morally deflating.

I now plan to keep on losing until I reach a weight of about 80kgs and then maintain that healthy weight and lifestyle in the same fashion that I have enjoyed while actually losing nearly as much as I hope to weigh one day. A 50% weight reduction goal has been foremost in my determination to change my life around for the better.

Now if anyone points a finger at me, itís for the best of reasons and not because I am the largest person in the crowd. Happy, healthy and contented and because I am that way, I'd like to thank my family and my special low-carb friends who have supported, helped, encouraged and inspired me to become the person that I am today.

Food diary before:

Breakfast: Nothing

Mid morning: Nothing

Lunch: Usually stacks of bread with all sorts of spreads or chips and potato cakes shoved in between slices. Take-aways like McDonalds or fish n chips / dim sims

Mid afternoon: More bread n spreads, dry biscuits n spreads, sweet biscuits

Dinner: Large plate of meat and stacks of vegetables, mostly potato mashed), with 3 or 4 slices of bread. Desert of ice-cream and or cakes n buns

After dinner: More bread / dry biscuits n spreads, chocolate / lolly bars, potato chips

Drinks: Soft drink, cordial, milk & milk shakes, beer & spirits, coffee and water

Food diary now:

Breakfast: Coffee n cream, 2 rashers bacon, 2 or 3 eggs on Empower (bread) toast

Mid Morning: Nothing

Lunch: 2 Turkey leg chops, 2 eggs, mixed lettuce & mayo salad

Mid afternoon: 2 slices of tasty cheese, Green tea & cream

Dinner: 1 fillet of steak, 1 four quarter pork chop, 2 sausages, 3 eggs, 1 cup raw vegetable salad & mayo

After dinner: Diet jelly & cream

Drinks: Diet soft drink, water, coffee & tea