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Self Image

The way we view ourselves - our self image - has a profound affect on who we are. This self image is a combination of all the ideas we have formed about ourselves over the years. Ever since childhood we have developed a set of beliefs about who we are, what we look like, what we are worth and what we deserve. These beliefs (over time) became part of our subconscience and help define who we are today.

"The way we view ourselves is much more important than what we weigh."

The way we view ourselves is often dictated by others. It is like the child who is constantly bullied in the playground for being different (taller, smarter, fatter, slower). Finally, they start to believe that the difference is a major measure of their self worth, that it is their fault, and that they are somehow worth less than every other child in the playground.

Often the negative comments that shape our self image come from people who have greater problems than ourselves. We all know someone who tries to make themselves feel better by constantly putting others down. Next time someone says something negative think about why they said what they did - they may have had a bad day at work, be under stress, or are trying to cover their own feelings of inadequacy. It may not actually be you who has the problem, so don't be too quick to let other people's comments affect who you are.

Changing your self image.

The beauty of self image and the subconscious mind is that you can reprogram it. Over time, the subconscious mind will accept any thought you regularly think about yourself. Therefore, if you start to have positive thoughts your self esteem rises and you begin to feel better about who you are.

Next time you look in the mirror, don't focus on the negative things you see. Find something you like and focus on that. As you begin to lose weight and begin to notice changes, focus on the results so far, not the weight still to be lost. Begin to say positive things to yourself like:

"I a really proud of myself for having the will power to stick to my diet"

"I can see the weight coming off and I feel good about my results so far"

Unfortunately, some people reach their "ideal weight" but still have a very negative view of their body and themselves. If you have a low sense of self, losing some excess weight may help a little, but there are other areas that will also help. Don't wait until you have lost the excess kilos to start working on your self esteem - Learn to be happy with who you are now by thinking about the following concepts:

You are unique. No-one else has your thoughts or your way of doing things. No-one else sees the world in the way that you do, nor have they had the same experiences that you have had. This makes you valuable. You have many interesting ideas that others can learn from.

* You can do anything. If you set your mind to a task there is nothing that you cannot achieve.

* You can change careers

* You can learn a new language

* You can master a new hobby or sport

* You can run a marathon

* All you need to do is believe in your ability and set your mind to the task.

Your self worth is not related to what the scales say - it is more about who you are. Your self worth is measured in terms of the positive things you bring to people and events around you.

You can change your own self image through constant positive self talk or affirmations.