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The role of the media in weight loss.

Open a magazine or switch on the television today and we are constantly bombarded with images of so-called "beautiful people". Look at a fashion magazine and you would be forgiven for thinking that clothing is only designed for 18 year olds no larger that a size 10.

These men and women - whether on the screen, the sporting field or the catwalk - are well proportioned, toned or muscular, with perfect skin and a radiant smile. We admire their on-screen characters or their sporting prowess and secretly dream of one day looking just like them. Unfortunately, for many this simply is not a reality.

One of the criticisms leveled at the media today is that it portrays what for many people is an unobtainable body image. We are so accustomed to seeing young men and women advertising almost every product imaginable that we begin to feel inadequate if we don't quite look like that.

The truth is that 99% of the population doesn't look like that either - it is merely an unrealistic image developed by marketing companies desperate to increase their sales!

Don't let these pictures ruin your self-image! Don't let these images depress you if you cannot achieve the same look! Just set your own goals and put in 110% effort to being the best that you can be.