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Why Low Fat Diets Fail.

Much of Western society has endured almost two decades of trialling a diet that is low in fat and high in processed carbohydrate, yet the result is a fatter less healthy Australia. This result tells us one of two things:

1) Either very few people have the discipline to stick to the low fat diet, or

2) The low fat diet in itself is flawed and does not result in long term reduction in body fat.

Unfortunately, the low fat diet regularly fails because it does little to control appetite. Many of us understand the heartache associated with low fat diets – feeling hungry all the time, craving sweet sugary foods, watching the kilos slip away ever so slowly.

In frustration, most people simply give in to temptation, and their weight rebounds to pre-diet levels. This is a flaw in the style of diet that does not consider the body’s biochemistry, and the ways our metabolic hormones regulate hunger, and cause us to store fat.

In a nutshell, low fat diets fail because:

• You cut calories down to a level that means you feel hungry most of the time. This is one of the reasons that most people quit the low fat diet.

• Most low fat products available in our supermarkets are filled with highly processed, ingredients like sugars, wheat and corn. These ingredients are quickly converted into blood glucose, raise insulin levels and give you a short term “sugar-hit” that we are all so familiar with.

• This rapid spike and decline in blood sugar levels leaves you feeling hungry soon after a meal. Do you ever feel tired and lethargic mid afternoon? That’s probably because your blood sugars are out of control and your body is screaming out for its next hit of sugar that it can quickly turn into energy (or fat).

On the other hand, lowered carbohydrate / high protein diets are so successful because:

• Although overall calorie consumption is reduced, the calories come from protein and good quality unsaturated fat sources. These foods keep you feeling satisfied for longer with a lot less food. The low carb diet is one diet where you won’t constantly feel hungry, so you won’t be tempted by those sugary treats.

• The low carb diet works with your hormones in a way that maximises the metabolism of body fat, whilst improving overall cholesterol levels, improving insulin sensitivity, controlling cravings etc.