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Is “Diet” a Dirty Word?

When we talk about diet, most people quickly associate the word with glossy magazines and quick fix regimes that are followed for a couple of weeks to lose a few kilos. In actual fact, the word “diet” refers to all the foods we provide our body, every day of our life.

It is pointless making short-term changes to our eating patterns if we want long-term improvements. Going on “a diet” for a month or more may help us to lose weight, but as soon as we revert to old eating patterns (the same patterns that caused us to put on weight originally), we quickly put the weight back on. This is a pattern that many will be familiar with.

To make long-term improvements we first need to change our thinking. Diet should no longer be something you try short-term, but a gradual lifestyle change to a more healthy eating pattern – for life!

From now on don’t say “I’m on a diet”. Think “I am making a lifestyle change that will improve my health for good”.