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Going On a “Diet” Often Leads to Weight Regain.

Far too often, people start a diet with the intention of following it for a few months to lose 5-10 kilos. Whilst the diet is new to them, they are very strict with themselves, and they manage to lose the weight. Understandably, once at their goal weight they are very proud of their efforts.

It is at this point that every dieter subconsciously chooses one of two possible futures – a path to a slim and healthy body for life, or a path back to sustained weight gain.

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Regainers - Unfortunately, the majority of people who reach their goal weight slip back into their same old eating habits (afterall – now I’m at my goal I don’t need to be on a “diet” anymore). Once old eating habits have resumed (i.e the same eating habits that led to being overweight in the first place), the weight creeps back on until most if not all of the weight has been regained. This is a common story, and is very depressing and disheartening for anyone involved (most of us know the feeling all too well).

Slimmers - A small group of people manage to keep the weight off for good. It is this group that has found a way to maintain their weight loss in the long term. This is the group that gets the most health benefits from their new way of eating. This is the group that can throw away their “fat clothes” with confidence, knowing they will never need them again.

The biggest difference between the first group and the second isn’t the diet itself, but the way they viewed it from the beginning.

The slimmers never viewed their eating plan as a “diet” – something to be followed for a short time to lose weight. They decided early on to learn how to incorporate their “diet” into everyday life. For them it was never a short term change at all – it was always about changing their way of eating - permanently. For these people, it becomes an ongoing lifestyle change.

We don’t mean that you should follow a very strict weight loss plan for life. All good weight loss programs have a “maintenance” plan. A maintenance plan is usually a less strict form of the original weight loss plan that helps to keep the weight off for good.

Which group do you want to be in? Next time you decide to lose some weight, keep it off long term, and improve your health and well being, don’t go on a short term diet. Decide to make a lifestyle change.

Don’t tell your friends and family you are on a diet, tell them you are changing your eating habits for good. Start out with the philosophy:

“My past eating habits have led to me being overweight and unhealthy. If I go back to my old habits I will always be overweight and unhealthy. I now decide to take control of my life and slowly change my eating habits for the better. I will not view this as a short term diet, but a lifestyle change that will keep me healthy and vital for the rest of my life”.


The goal of going on a diet is to lose weight – even if most people put all that weight back on. The goal of a lifestyle change is to lose weight and keep it of for ever!

Decide today to make a lifestyle change rather than go on a diet, and before too long, you will be a Slimmer – not a Regainer!

So - just how effective can this change in attitude be? Check out the inspirational story of one SLIMMER who has almost halved his weight.