Low Carb Living Made Tasty

Introducing Power Wraps - the most versatile and convenient low carb product in Australia

Imagine being able to roll your traditional sandwich fillings in a low carb wrap for a low carb lunch on the run… Imagine low carb lasagne, or delicious Mexican meals like enchilada\'s and burritos... Power Wraps have just 3 grams of carbs per wrap and a massive 8 grams of dietary fibre.


Low Carb Products


FibreX Breakfast Cereal

Now there's more to a low carb breakfast than just bacon and eggs..

Gluten Free Muffin Magic Mix

What’s so magical about Empower’s Muffin Magic Gluten Free Muffin Mix? In a word… VARIETY!

Gluten Free Triple Choc Muffin Mix

Finally, a rich, moist and truly decadent gluten free chocolate muffin the whole family can enjoy...

Gluten Free Chocolate Mud Cake Mix

Empower’s super indulgent gluten free chocolate mud cake is so amazingly rich and moist you won’t believe it is gluten free.

Almond Innocence Cookie Mix

Your guilt free snack between meals…

Chocolate Rush Muffin Mix

For a lo-carb snack on the run…

LC Tomato Sauce

A rich, home-style flavoured tomato sauce...without all the added sugar!

LC Sweet & Sour Sauce

For those of us that crave something a little sweeter, LC Sweet & Sour Sauce is the perfect choice.

LC Satay Sauce

LC Satay Sauce adds a rich peanut flavour to all your favourite recipes.

Premium Creamy Dark Chocolate

A deliciously rich and creamy dark chocolate - high in antioxidants and sugar-free!

Power Wraps

The most versatile and convenient low carb product in Australia - now you can make sandwiches, lasagne, cannelloni, enchilada's, burrito's...

Premium Creamy Milk Chocolate

A beautifully creamy, Belgium-style chocolate that just melts in your mouth. Now that really is low carb living made TASTY!

Golden Wholemeal Lo-Carb Bakery Mix

Who says you can't eat BREAD and PIZZA on a low carb diet?

Gluten Free Wraps

Ask anyone on a gluten free diet what they miss the most, and chances are they will say “convenience...”

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