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Power Wraps

Anyone who has ever undertaken a low carb diet will tell you just how hard it can be to find a "low carb lunch on the run". Traditionally, many people are used to taking a cut lunch with them to work, or stopping for a couple of minutes to prepare a sandwich. The low carb concept made that type of lunch so much harder - until now...

Imagine being able to roll your traditional sandwich fillings in a low carb wrap, for a low carb lunch on the run... Imagine low carb lasagne, or delicious Mexican meals like enchilada's and burritos...

These delicious meals have been a reality for American low carb dieters for years, and are now a reality in Australia, thanks to Empower Foods Low Carb Power Wraps.

Our Power Wraps were developed to provide a range of benefits:

1. First and foremost, each wrap is very low in carbohydrate, with just 3.0 grams of carbs per wrap.

2. Convenience is a big issue for low carb dieters. Low carb wraps make lunch on the go so much easier - especially when many traditional sandwich fillings can be used to make a delicious low carb wrap.

3. The wraps are extremely versatile, and can be used to make many different meals, like sandwich wraps, lasagne, cannelloni, enchilada's, burrito's etc.

4. Power Wraps freeze well, so you can always have some on hand for a delicious snack, or a quick and easy meal.

5. Power Wraps have been fortified with a massive 8 grams of dietary fibre to help ensure that you get sufficient fibre each day.




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