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Gluten Free Triple Choc Muffin Mix

Please note - these muffins are a GLUTEN FREE product, they are not low carbohydrate.

Finally, a rich, moist and truly decadent gluten free chocolate muffin the whole family can enjoy...

Whether you are a coeliac, or just trying to avoid wheat and gluten, you will be amazed at the quality, flavour and texture of these delicious muffins.

Our food technologists were given the task of developing Australia’s best tasting gluten free chocolate muffins – something that anyone following a restricted diet just couldn’t resist. It took them a long time and many, many attempts, but we are sure you’ll agree that our decadent Triple Choc muffins are by far the best treat yet!

“A wonderfully rich and moist muffin that is just bursting with chocolate flavour. These are by far the best gluten free muffins ever”.

Each pack makes 10 mouthwatering triple choc muffins. Warmed slightly in the microwave they make a perfect snack, or serve with a dollop of cream for a truly decadent dessert.


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