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Premium Creamy Dark Chocolate

The wait is over!

Ever since we released our very popular Premium Creamy Milk Chocolate, we have been working to perfect a delicious sugar free dark chocolate. It took us many, many attempts to finally arrive at the perfect formula. In fact, in our final round of tests, the tasting panel couldn’t distinguish our sugar free version from one of Australia’s top selling “high sugar” dark chocolates!

We are sure that this super decadent treat will help to overcome those cravings for sugar loaded snacks that we all have from time to time. Next time you feel a craving coming on, reach for a few squares of delicious sugar free dark… Not only will you satisfy your cravings, but you won’t need to feel guilty, because there is no added sugar!

All of the “major” chocolate companies now tell us to that eating dark chocolate is good for our health. We agree that the antioxidants in dark chocolate are good, but all the sugar in a regular dark chocolate is bad. Our sugar free Dark chocolate is not only delicious, but it is actually higher in antioxidants than most standard dark chocolates. The best part is that Empower’s Premium Dark Chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants, WITHOUT all the sugar…

Because it has no added sugar, and an extremely low GI, our dark chocolate is perfect for anyone trying to cut sugar from their diet or minimize fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

For those people following low carbohydrate diets, each serve has less than 1 gram of net carbs per serve.

What Are Net Carbs?

Net Carbs are total carbs minus fibre and sugar alcohols (like maltitol) that have minimal impact on blood sugars. For those people watching their carb intake, maltitol can be subtracted leaving a net carb count of less than 1 gram per serve.


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