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FibreX Breakfast Cereal

Our famous FibreX:

• Tastes fantastic.

• Offers a huge 6.7g fibre per serve.

• Is very low in carbs - only 2g per serve.

• Is Low GI.

• Offers pre-biotic benefits.

• Is versatile enough to bake with.

• Is wheat and gluten free.

What is Polydextrose?

Polydextrose – a very low GI wheat and gluten free ingredient that is 90% dietary fibre. Polydextrose is classified as a “pre-biotic” and can help promote growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria.



Serving Suggestions:

1. Mix FibreX Breakfast Cereal with hot or cold water.

2. Sweeten to taste with a low carbohydrate sweetener.

3. If desired, top with a low carbohydrate yoghurt.

4. Add some low carbohydrate fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, grapefruit or rock-melon.


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