Ethanol Hand Sanitiser 80% Our price is $18/lt when bought with any Empower Products.

Here at Empower foods we like to keep our customers safe and healthy especially in times like these.

We have found purchasing hand sanitiser has become difficult over the past few weeks,

so we have teamed up with our Sister company called Sensate who make refill hand sanitiser Liquid and would like to offer it to our Empower customers


The hand sanitiser is made to government standards in a Quality approved Food Grade Premises to TGA Government standards.


Sensate makes the highest Hospital grade product based on 80% Ethanol.


This product is a liquid, not a Gel and it is designed for hands and any surfaces you want to sanitise.


Ideal for personal or Home/Business use to give you added protection from Corona Virus (Covid 19)


We also want to keep the price down to help the community as we know there are a lot of very expensive products out there.


Our price is $18/lt when bought with any Empower Products.


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